Burned Loblolly pine tree in Bastrop State Park
Maggie overlooking Hamilton Pool
Dragon baby
The Capitol building in Austin, Texas
Newlyweds going out with a bang
A couple's first dance as husband and wife
Wildflowers overlooking the Pacific ocean
Spectacular, orange cloud formation in Austin, Texas
Local Austin Celtic band, Raising Jane
Small squirrel on a beach in San Diego, California
Abstracted bluebonnets in Austin, Texas
Common flowers in San Diego, California
Smokey Mountain sunset
Two stone dragons at the base of long stairs in Thailand
A calm rocking chair on the porch of a Tennessee cabin
A father and his daughter
Seaweed and sea stones on a beach in Cardiff, California
Bamboo wall design in the Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardens of Chiang Mai, Thailand
Ladybug on a leaf in Austin, Texas
Common hairy caterpillar in Thailand
Peacock showing off at Laguna Gloria in Austin, Texas
Maggie walking along the beach at sunrise in West Palm Beach, Florida
Mountain bike... check. Canoe... check. Time for adventure in Austin, Texas
Maggie in our backyard several months pregnant
Hiking in the hills of Santa Barbara, California
Potted flowers in Poway, California
Snow-covered Smokey Mountain landscape
A Scrub Jay looking for bugs in Santa Barbara, California
Seals basking in the sun along the bluffs of Carpinteria, California
Long stairwell in a conference center in Chicago, Illinois
Dense skyscrapers in Chicago, Illinois
Number 41 above the entryway near Munich, Germany
Father and daughter by the poolside
A worker polishes a small jade elephant in a workshop in Thailand
Hills at dusk in Santa Barbar, California
Macaque mom and her baby in Thailand
Massive stone formation jutting out of the water near the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand
Hip Hop artist, Rashaad, next to his Riviera in Austin, Texas
Elephants looking for a bite, Thailand
Rama IX bridge in Bangkok, Thailand
Kittens nursing on a street in Thailand
Sharing a moment on our honeymoon