Hey there! I'm Nick.

I guess that part is pretty obvious. What you may not know is that my favorite movie is Back to the Future; I listen to anything from classical to punk rock while I'm working; I don't like cantaloupe; I have been to the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand; I prefer red over white wine; and I live in a place where I see pileated woodpeckers on a regular basis.

I've worked on the web for over fifteen years–I started off using tools like AOL page maker and now I focus heavily on user experience and interaction design for large software projects in a variety of industries. I've written code in multiple languages including Javascript, HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, Visual Basic, ColdFusion and even COBOL.

In my free time I'm usually out with my family taking walks, hiking, exploring nature. I draw and paint (not as often as I'd like), I take photos mostly with my phone, or I'm just working on some project at home.

If you have any questions about me, my work, whatever: please say hi. I'd love to hear from you.